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15 Days Of Fitness For $15.00 April 15th-30th!

Drop-In Classes

Attend any class for $15, no commitment!

Unlimited Adult Membership

For $110/month, this membership allows you to attend an unlimited number of classes. Members will also be given the opportunity to attend seminars offered on various topics relating to health and wellness. This membership is ideal for individuals aged 15 and up.

Classes Available: Group Personal Training, Sculp N' Tone, Yoga (Any adult class that is offered)

Kid's Membership

For $40/month, this membership allows children to attend Kid's Fitness classes that will be offered every Monday at 5:00pm. Once a month there will be open gym hours available for kid's only. During this time, kids can come and go as they please, ask questions, learn new exercises, etc. This membership is ideal for children 9-14 years old. These classes are beneficial to athletic children as well as those who are not involved in sports.

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